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Thorax Medical Chair


The Thorax Medical Chair is a Patient chair designed for thoracic X-rays, where the patient must be stabilised to obtain correct images.

  • Lockable seat rotation (45°/90° right and left) and fold-down armrests allow easy access to capture X-ray images from multiple angles. The patient is placed at the apparatus and the armrests are folded down.


  • Armrests and backrests can be adjusted low to provide optimal whole thorax images


  • Seat height can be adjusted for exact patient positioning


  • Foot pedal locking system and electronic handset height adjustment ensure optimal ergonomic working positions for your staff


  • Patient transfers are made easier because armrests can be folded down


  • Patients can be quickly and securely seated and the chair base locked for effective adaptation to medical devices


  • Gliding wheels make it easy to move the chair and position the patient on all floor types




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