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Mobile DR

The latest Mobile DR is the future of mobile imaging. A lightweight, clear view for you and a uniquely powerful battery ensures a carefree working day and offers flexibility in business operations.

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Key Features

Key Features

Compact and light – Because the Mobile DR is so light and compact, it is very easy to maneuver.

X-tech cell technology – The advanced new battery technology delivers exceptional power and longevity. The battery also recharges very quickly. You can perform a full working day with one charge.

Clear sight – The collapsible column provides clear sight while moving the system.

LED indicator – The color of the LED lighting indicates what current status the system is in.

Canon DR – The detectors are waterproof, ultra-lightweight and have integrated handles. The detectors are interchangeable between the different modalities for a uniform workflow and optimal efficiency.

Canon NE software – The advanced post-processing and image management capabilities, so you always get the optimal result.