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Copenhagen University Hospital (better known as the Rigshospital) has an army of highly specialized trauma specialists on board. Together they form the well-oiled machine with one goal in mind: to save lives. Every second counts in this department, so there’s no time to lose. The most extreme and critical cases end up in this department. Within “level 1 trauma center” only the highest care is provided to the most seriously injured persons. On average, about 12,000 serious trauma cases are treated here per year.

The specially developed trauma room can seem quite crowded to ‘outsiders’ due to the amount of equipment, including medical imaging. Physicians must be able to quickly assess the patient’s condition on the spot and whether additional diagnostic tests may be required. The patient cannot simply be moved to another department for these examinations, so everything has to be done on site. The examination takes place as much as possible in the trauma room in order to be able to treat the patient most effectively.

A concept has been developed especially for the Rigshospital to be able to place all equipment for the correct diagnosis in one room:

The Trauma DR plus in combination with the Canon CT scan:

Trauma DR Plus

Two DelftDI ‘Trauma DR’ systems and one DelftDI ‘Intuition DR’ system hanging from the ceiling are installed and can simultaneously take images of more than 3 patients. Rigshospital selected the DelftDI Trauma DR systems for their unique maneuverability around demobilized patients, which is an absolute must in trauma care. All three X-ray systems are equipped with fixed and portable Canon Flat Panel detectors and advanced Canon imaging software for unsurpassed speed and image quality with the digital X-ray images displayed almost immediately in the trauma room right at the point of care where they are needed.

CT Solution

In addition to the trauma DR systems, two Aquilion LB CT scanners have been installed that can be moved on rails. Time is of the essence in trauma care and the use of CT imaging available on demand on the same table in the same room without moving the patient helps optimize workflow. The ultra-wide bore of Aquilion LB allows for fast and flexible positioning and also allows patients of almost any size and condition to be scanned comfortably. With the ability to see, diagnose, plan and treat in the same space, the hybrid solution helps prioritize safety, speed and efficiency during complex trauma cases.

Due to this unique collaboration of the Trauma DR and the CT scan, the trauma patient can remain in one bed and the patient does not have to be moved. This is crucial in trauma situations.