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Digital Radiology

DR Upgrade

Breathe new life into your existing equipment; fixed, mobile and even portable systems can benefit directly from Canon DR.

It only takes two Canon DR components to provide instant DR with an existing X-ray system. And after that you are no longer tied to one X-ray system. Canon gives you the freedom to switch between systems; just pick up and go! It is smart, lightweight and battery powered.

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Key Features

Key Features

Wireless connection between a workstation or portable laptop with the wireless Canon DR detectors.

Applicable to existing X-ray rooms and/or mobile X-ray systems due to the compact transport cases.

Most important features

  • Easily add DR to any X-ray system with just 2 lightweight components
  • No connections or modifications to your existing X-ray system required
  • Not tied to an X-ray system; just pick it up and go to another
  • Option for integrated USB DAP meter

Optimal dose recording workflow with the optional USB DAP meter integration, the dose is added directly to the DICOM header of the image and available for further processing.